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Internal name:Several - Períseg, Chlasc, Circàsieg, etc
Author(s):A. Ayres
Background:"Celinese" describes variants of a priori macrolanguage, which is one of the principal languages on Lorech (an earth-like planet). This entry describes the international acrolect, which is based on a compromise between Perís and Ioðinbêr dialects.
Greeting:Mereð séile.
Vocabulary size:15000
From earth:no
Averageness:53/100, 77 of 145
Number of features:145
Tags:naturalistic, artlang, a priori, euphony, macrolanguage
Editable by all:no
Added by:A. Ayres 5
Managed by:A. Ayres 5
Added:2011-11-02 17:32
Last change:2012-05-12 14:02


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