The 30 latest news-items for CALS

2021-09-07 15:55 New language: Cannic

pi-kayur added Cannic to CALS.

Cannic (And that's how you greet someone in Cannic.)

Cannic's homepage is at

2021-09-06 21:58 Changed language: Palato

Palato by James Hoover was updated.

2021-09-02 19:09 New language: Palato

pi-kayur added Palato to CALS.

Palato's homepage is at

2021-09-01 03:12 Changed language: Daisilingo

Daisilingo by Jian Huang was updated.

2021-08-30 16:04 New language: Daisilingo

pi-kayur added Daisilingo to CALS.

Daisilingo's homepage is at

2021-08-27 18:58 New language: Sen:esepera

pi-kayur added Sen:esepera to CALS.

Sen:esepera's homepage is at

2021-08-27 18:28 Changed language: Somish

Somish by Paul Lecorde was updated.

2021-08-23 03:31 Changed language: Lihanian

Lihanian by kina was updated.

2021-08-22 23:47 New language: Lihanian

kina added Lihanian to CALS.

2021-08-22 23:06 kina just joined

Welcome kina!

2021-08-22 21:39 Lexiconous just joined

Welcome Lexiconous!

2021-08-20 03:41 Changed language: Irani

Irani by eerD was updated.

2021-08-19 23:55 Changed language: Toki Ma

Toki Ma by Shevek Urrasti was updated.

2021-08-19 22:55 New language: Irani

eerD added Irani to CALS.

Raò Iraìn (And that's how you greet someone in Irani.)

Irani's homepage is at

2021-08-19 22:49 eerD just joined

Welcome eerD!

2021-08-18 21:27 Changed language: Somish

Somish by Aaron Chapman was updated.

2021-08-18 20:40 Changed language: Varta Avina

Varta Avina by Fluffy8x (uruwi/kozet) was updated.

2021-08-18 20:08 New language: Varta Avina

Fluffy8x added Varta Avina to CALS.

2021-08-18 19:55 Changed language: Arka

Arka by Seren Arbazard was updated.

2021-08-17 21:38 New language: Somish

pi-kayur added Somish to CALS.

he Somish (And that's how you greet someone in Somish.)

Somish's homepage is at

2021-08-17 13:28 Changed language: Sieptsechaung

Sieptsechaung by wycerum was updated.

2021-08-17 13:27 New language: Sieptsechaung

wycerum added Sieptsechaung to CALS.

2021-08-17 13:25 wycerum just joined

Welcome wycerum!

2021-08-16 19:25 Spoodleshine just joined

Welcome Spoodleshine!

2021-08-16 13:56 Changed language: Kaas

Kaas by Carson City was updated.

2021-08-16 13:34 New language: Kaas

carsoncity added Kaas to CALS.

2021-08-16 13:32 carsoncity just joined

Welcome carsoncity!

2021-08-15 17:40 Changed language: Grodisian

Grodisian by Puu41 was updated.

2021-08-15 17:37 New language: Grodisian

puu41 added Grodisian to CALS.

Hunči ja fenargot! Groďisa (And that's how you greet someone in Grodisian.)

2021-08-11 00:46 Changed language: Baanzish

Baanzish by Rupert Barnes was updated.